Boycott of these elections.

Without agreement with opposition, Nicolás Maduro marks presidential election for April. Chavista justice bans Venezuela opposition from running for united elections
Latin American powers deepen Nicolás Maduro’s isolation in the region
The Venezuelan opposition begins to define itself against the presidential elections marked by the Chavism for April 22.

All the forces that criticize Nicolás Maduro’s regime reject the call because of the lack of guarantees, but Leopoldo López’s party took another step yesterday. The Popular Will (VP), one of the majority formations of the Bureau of Democratic Unity (MUD), called for a “Whoever signs up under these conditions will be doing the dictatorship a favor,” said the organization.

Hugo Chávez’s successor

According to the electoral calendar, elections for mayor and councilor should take place in October. For now, the scheduled deadlines are confirmed. On Friday (3) Minister Rosa Weber, of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) and president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), denied a request from the Progressive Party (PP) to postpone for 30 days the deadline for filing candidates for the political party for which they will run.

decided in late January to speed up the electoral calendar, taking advantage of the divisions of the opposing coalition. That plan became clear last week, after the failure of the dialogue table in the Dominican Republic, in which it wanted to impose an agreement favorable to officialism.

  • Venezuelans are called to vote on April 22 under conditions that the MUD and a large part of the international community consider unacceptable. The
  • alliance parties, however, stressed the importance of seeking a unitary position. In this context, the Popular
  • Will officially took the initiative against the summons, calling for “to fight for true presidential elections”.

“We will not present or support any candidate and we call on all democratic political organizations not to participate in or validate the 22-A fraud,” López’s party announced in a statement.”NEITHER ON THE SOIL NOR ON THE PERUVIAN SKY” The president of the Peruvian Council of Ministers, Mercedes Aráoz, said that Venezuelan President

Nicolás Maduro will not be able to enter the Andean country or fly over his airspace to attend the VIII Summit of the Americas, which will be held in Lima in mid-April. “He cannot enter either the ground or the Peruvian sky. He cannot enter because he is not being welcomed,” she said after the president threatened to ignore the veto of the regional summit.

Neither López nor another opposition

leader, Henrique Capriles, leader of the First Justice party, could participate in the elections. The first has been under house arrest since July, after spending three and a half years in the military prison in Ramo Verde, and the second is disabled. The MUD – which already refused to participate in the Chavista Constituent

Assembly election in July and split up against the December municipal elections – would not have a candidate because its main names, except for the former President of Parliament Julio Borges, were annulled by the regime. The electoral authority controlled by Chavism, moreover, did in fact outlaw its parties and the Supreme Court ordered the coalition to be excluded from the presidential ones. Thus, the MUD could not compete together, at least with its current acronyms.

  • “We put ourselves at the disposal of the people of Venezuela to promote a great national and international movement of peaceful popular resistance and
  • struggle”, continues the Popular Will, which considers it necessary to build “a new space for plural conduct” and reiterates that Maduro “intends to manipulate
  • the presidential election, as dictator Pérez Jiménez did in December 1957 ”.

At that time, “the political opposition did not participate or legitimize the election, which ended up causing both the people of Venezuela and the National Armed Force to gain freedom a few weeks later, on January 23, 1958”. Divisions in the MUDPrime Justice has not yet defined its position in the face of the elections, although Borges, the party’s coordinator, will start a trip through

Support and obtain the conditions

Latin America next week “to seek  for fair presidential elections, within the framework of the Constitution”. Those who intend to run should apply via the Internet, and the presentation of the candidates to the National Electoral Board will be on the 26th and 27th of this month.

  • The opposition had pointed to the possibility of supporting an outsider. It was Lorenzo Mendoza, owner of Polar. But the Venezuelan businessman has
  • informed his employees that he rules out the possibility of competing, according to the Reuters agency.Henry Ramos Allup, secretary general of Democratic
  • Action, considers that no opposition candidate should run without the consensus of the other parties that are part of the MUD.

“Either we all go together, or we all say that there are no conditions,” he said this week. Henri Falcón, of the Advanced Progressive oppositionist party, dissident from Chavism, presented his candidacy. “We don’t just want to be candidates, I want to be president of this country with consensus. In addition, to be [president] in conditions of free and transparent elections ”, said the leader, who leaned towards negotiating with the Government.

In addition to the change in routines with isolation measures, such as the suspension of face-to-face classes and the closing of trade, the coronavirus pandemic could affect the 2020 elections. The health crisis has led many senators to ask for more time for the regularization of documents and even to suggest postponing municipal elections.


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