Israel attributed the attack to Iran

Iran accuses Israel of plotting an attack on Israelis in BulgariaIntention is ‘to implicate third parties for narrow political gains’, says diplomat.Israel accused Iran and Hezbollah of an attack that killed 5 and wounded more than 30. From ReutersFACEBOOK (UN) on Wednesday accused Israel of promoting the suicide bombing that killed five Israeli tourists a week ago in Bulgaria.

The attack took place against a bus that was parked at the airport of the tourist city of Burgas, on the coast of the sea Black. The Bulgarian bus driver also died, and more than 30 people were injured. and the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah. Iran denied involvement. Smoke rises after explosion in Bulgaria’s airport region on Wednesday (18) (Photo: AFP)

Smoke rises after explosion in Bulgaria’s

airport region on the last day 18 (Photo: AFP) “It is incredible that just minutes after the terrorist attack, Israeli officials announced that Iran was behind it,” said diplomat Mohammad Khazaee in a Security Council debate on the Middle East. we will engage in such a despicable attempt against innocent people, “he said.”

  • Such terrorist operations could only be planned and carried out by the same regime whose short history is full of
  • state terrorism operations and murders designed to involve third parties for narrow political gains, “continued
  • Khazaee “I could offer … many examples showing that this regime has killed its own innocent citizens and Jews over the past couple of decades.”

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Haim Wa xman, said there were fingerprints left by Iran on the plot of the bombing in Bulgaria and also on dozens of other recent terrorist plans in recent months worldwide. “These comments are scary, but not surprising, when it comes to the same government that says that the September 11 (2001) attack was a conspiracy theory that denies the Holocaust,

“Waxman said in a statement. Some analysts say Iran could be trying to avenge the deaths of several of its scientists involved in the country’s controversial nuclear program, crimes for which Tehran blames the United States and Israel. Israeli diplomats have suffered several attempted attacks in recent months, also attributed by Israel to Iran.

The time has come for the world to end

this terror campaign, once and for all,” said Waxman. Iran denies involvement in attacks on Saudi Arabia in message to the United States; Trump says he will increase sanctions, but the hitman in the attack on Saturday resumed part of production. Its production capacity will return to normal by the end of September.

Israel attributed the attack to IranOn Twitter, the American president said he would “ substantially ” increase sanctions against the Persian country. By G118 / 09/2019 06:51 AM Updated 9 months agoTehran denies attacks on oil installations in Saudi Arabia denied involvement in the attacks against the facilities of the oil company Aramco, in Saudi Arabia, in an official note sent to the United States,

  • the official agency Irna reports on Wednesday (18) .In the message transmitted on Monday to the Swiss embassy in Tehran , which represents American
  • interests in Iran, the Iranian government “insists it played no role in the attack, denies and condemns the charges” against the country brought by the United
  • States.The attacks interrupted the production of 5.7 on

Saudi Arabia’s energy minister, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, announced that the oil company had resumed part of production. Production capacity will return to normal by the end of September. – Photo: Juliane Monteiro / G1 – Photo: Juliane Monteiro / G1Who attacked the oil company? After the incident, Houthi Yemeni rebels – who are supported by Iran in the conflict in

Saturday (14) million barrels of oil per day

equivalent to more than half of the 9.6 million produced daily according to the Associated Press and 5% of world production. fires at the Abqaiq Saudi facility, the largest in the world dedicated to oil processing, and at the Khurais facility. There were no reports of injuries, but smoke was seen from space. On Tuesday (17),

  • Yemen – said they had sent ten drones to attack the facility. has been carrying out several border bombings with missiles and drones against
  • Saudi air bases and other Saudi installations, because Saudi Arabia has since 2015 led an international
  • coalition that supports the Yemeni government against the Houthis. The United States insinuates that Iran is behind the attack.

and President Donald Trump has already said he is willing to promote a military response to the attack. Saudi Arabia said the weapons used in the attack against the oil company were manufactured in Iran. American and Saudi experts are engaged in trying r find out who was responsible for the bombing. On Wednesday, the

Saudi government declared that it will participate in the international coalition to protect commercial transport in the Strait of Hormuz, which is a strategic location for the passage of oil.7 facts: understand the consequences of attack on the oil company in Saudi Arabia7 facts: understand the consequences of the attack on the oil company in Saudi ArabiaIncreased sanctionsThis Wednesday (18), US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he will “substantially” increase sanctions against Iran .

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