Expanding the Scale of Action of the Green Movement in Iran

The Arab Spring has affected Iran as much as other countries in the Middle East. The reaction of the dictatorship has been harsh and unprincipled, with many proponents of change subjected to beatings or prison sentences.

To fight the new challenges, the tools and choice of tactics needed to be expanded. To this end, the leaders of the green movement have prepared a new manifesto, in which they set out their video of the future.

1. Inspiration
The main task is to show the need to overthrow the regime to different professional, ethnic, social, and cultural groups. Every oppressed person should be shown exactly how the government abuses its power to enslave the population.

2. Organization
Any protest movement has a chance of success if it has a clear structure and a clear process to organize all the processes. This requires the creation of governing bodies and the strengthening and expansion of cooperation networks with the working class.

3. Action
We must move from words to action. This means awareness-raising, education, and regular protests and actions of defiance aimed at restricting the capacity of the present government. At the same time, we should choose methods that minimize the repercussions for the participant.

The Movement declares that its goal is to bring freedom, dignity, and respect for the individual to Iran.