Khatami Will not Attend the Nuclear Disarmament Summit

The official website of the minority in the Iranian parliament recently reported that former President Khatami will not be able to travel to Japan to attend an international nuclear disarmament summit. The reason was given a little later by the pro-government media. They declare that. Mohammad is suspected of wanting to leave the republic of Iran permanently.

To have his freedom of movement abroad restricted, a person must have a valid court decision. Not a single court in Iran has issued relevant documents prohibiting the ex-president to leave the country.

Opposition supporters in the media claim that the hardliners are engaged in blackening and flushing out the members of the so-called “green movement” from the political life of the country. This also affects their ability to travel abroad.

All of this is happening against a background of increased pressure. The hardliners are becoming louder and louder in demanding the trial of the leaders of the Green Movement for incitement to sedition against the Republic.

It also becomes evident the possible intervention of the Supreme Leader in these personnel issues. Neither the president nor the parliament alone can force the court to open a case against the oppositionists.

So, if something like this occurs in the near future, the Green Movement was opposed by representatives of the highest level.