What’s Going on at the Student Protests in the Heart of Iran

Recently, several thousand citizens took to the streets of Tehran to show their dissatisfaction with the policies of the government and parliament. According to the organizers, people can no longer live under the constant aggravation of poverty and permanent squabbles between the parliament and the president.

People who recently voted for the election of the president, bribed by his generous social policies and large subsidies, are now against him and demanding changes. A striking example is an increase in the price of public transportation tickets in Tehran, which will quadruple.

According to protesters, police squads using brute force and intimidation against students and other protesters have become the main tool of the government. There are also reported cases of peaceful protesters being shunned and arrested and then transported to police stations.

The main purpose of the march is to allow people to see and hear information that does not leak into the information field in other ways. All people hope for active citizenship in Tehran and support for the protesters in their struggle for their rights.

People of different strata and ages, including young people and the elderly, took to the streets. People who did not look very rich were also seen. They also spoke out against the cuts in subsidies.