The Rural Areas no Longer Support the President of Iran

After Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election in July, all statistical polls showed an unprecedented level of support in large cities and villages. At the same time, it was the small towns and cities that gave the candidate the most votes.

But less than six months after Ahmadinejad’s re-election, statistical surveys began to show a completely different picture. Now, an anonymous poll says, that for more than 12,000 residents across the country, support for the president has plummeted. Nearly 40% of the younger generation and 25% of the older generation regretted their vote in the elections.

More and more voices of election fraud from prominent oppositionists and representatives of the so-called “green movement” added fuel to the fire. The situation in one of the villages where more than three hundred people voted for an opposition candidate was indicative. Recently, those in charge notified 43 votes in favor of the candidate.

The sometimes illegal behavior of the president’s supporters and their orders to law enforcement bodies aimed at humiliating and physically eliminating the opposition has led to an unprecedented level of discontent among the population.

This is reflected in social polls and will have a seeable impact in the next elections. The green movement, meanwhile, is gaining in popularity.